2024 New Tvs Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect

TVS Jupiter 125

The future of two-wheeler innovation, TVS proudly presents the 2024 Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect, a marvel of engineering that combines cutting-edge technology with the trusted performance of the Jupiter series. Boost your riding experience to new heights, this scooter is designed to meet the demands of the modern commuter, offering unmatched connectivity, enhanced safety features, and a stylish design that turns heads on the road.

TVS Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect

Key Features:

  1. Smart X Connect Technology: Stay connected like never before with the Smart X Connect technology. This intuitive system allows you to sync your smartphone seamlessly with the scooter, providing access to a range of features such as turn-by-turn navigation, incoming call alerts, SMS notifications, and more, all displayed on the vibrant digital console.
  2. Advanced Telematics: The Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect comes equipped with advanced telematics, allowing riders to monitor their scooter’s health in real-time. Receive timely service reminders, track fuel efficiency, and stay informed about crucial performance metrics to ensure your ride is always in its prime condition.
  3. LED Lighting Signature: Command attention on the road with the Jupiter 125‘s signature LED lighting. The stylish LED headlamp and taillights not only enhance visibility during night rides but also add a touch of sophistication to the scooter’s overall design.
  4. USB Charging Port: Stay powered up on the go with the built-in USB charging port. Whether you need to charge your smartphone or other electronic devices, the Jupiter 125 ensures you stay connected without worrying about battery life.
  5. Underseat Storage and Boot Light: Convenience meets practicality with a spacious under seat storage compartment. Easily store your essentials, and with the added boot light, finding your belongings in low-light conditions is a breeze.
  6. Next-Gen Performance: The 2024 Jupiter 125 boasts a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, delivering a smooth and responsive ride. Experience the perfect blend of performance and efficiency, making every journey enjoyable and economical.
  7. Superior Safety Features: Prioritizing rider safety, the Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect is equipped with features such as a synchronized braking system (SBS) for enhanced control, a multi-mode display for clear visibility, and tubeless tires for improved grip and stability.
  8. Stylish Design Elements: With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the Jupiter 125 Smart X Connect is a head-turner on the streets. From its bold contours to its premium dual-tone color options, this scooter combines style and substance seamlessly.

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