TVS NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition: Unleash Your Inner Hero on the Streets

Introducing the TVS NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition – where style meets power, and every ride becomes an adventure! Unleash the superhero within you as you hit the streets with this dynamic and stylish scooter that’s designed to turn heads and deliver an exhilarating riding experience.

Bold Design:

The TVS NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition boasts a bold and distinctive design that sets it apart from the crowd. With its sharp lines, aggressive stance, and vibrant color schemes, this scooter is a true attention-grabber. The Super Squad Edition pays homage to your favorite superheroes, featuring iconic graphics and logos that reflect the spirit of heroism.

Powerful Performance:

Underneath the eye-catching exterior, the NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition houses a powerful heart – a 125cc engine that delivers a thrilling performance on the road. Whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the NTORQ 125 ensures a smooth and powerful ride that will leave you craving more.

Smart Connectivity:

Stay connected and in control with the SmartXonnect technology embedded in the NTORQ 125. Pair your smartphone with the scooter via Bluetooth and access a range of features such as navigation assistance, call and message alerts, and even vehicle diagnostics. It’s not just a ride; it’s a smart riding experience tailored to meet the demands of the modern urban lifestyle.

Super Squad Console Graphics:

Step into the world of superheroes with the specially designed instrument console that features Super Squad graphics. The console not only adds a touch of superhero flair but also provides all the essential information you need at a glance, ensuring a safe and informed ride.

Comfort and Convenience:

Riding should be a pleasure, and the NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition ensures just that. The ergonomically designed seating, spacious under-seat storage, and thoughtful features like USB charging ensure that your ride is not only stylish but also comfortable and convenient.

Safety First:

The NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition prioritizes your safety with features like disc brakes, telescopic front suspension, and tubeless tires. Whether you’re maneuvering through traffic or cruising on the open road, this scooter ensures a secure and stable ride.

Limited Edition:

The Super Squad Edition is not just a scooter; it’s a limited edition collector’s item. With only a select number available, owning the NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition means joining an exclusive club of riders who appreciate the perfect blend of style, performance, and superhero vibes.

Unleash the superhero within, ride with power, and make every journey an epic adventure with the TVS NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition. Elevate your riding experience and embrace the thrill of the road like never before!

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